DETAILS: Yrma Lydya Edad Esposo Restaurante Suntory Jesus Hernandez Video Viral On Social Media, Who Killed Her?

    Yrma Lyda who was a Mexican singer was shot and killed by her partner. Yrma was just 21 years old at the time of her death and she began her career in the music industry. The news flared when her old partner Yrma shot her in an apartment on Thursday night. The police then eventually arrested her old partner Yrma and took him under charge. According to many sources, her partner Yrma tried to bribe the police officials as well, and his security guard as well was arrested in this case, the police are now investigating the case. Let us know in detail why the old partner Yrma shot her, and why was she with him there was some problem on going. According to sources, the old man that shot Yrma was her husband. yes, the mon man who is 79 years old now is Yrma’s husband. The local authorities said that the incident occurred in a Mexico city on Thursday, and was reported on Friday. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Yrma Lydya Edad Esposo Restaurante

    Yrma who just begun her career in the music industry was too young and was just 21 years old. The young lady had keen interest in music and was also a good musician as well. It was been reported that the woman was shot at the Suntory Del Valle restaurant, which is in the south of the city. Yrma was attacked by her old husband and then was eventually shot to death by her husband whose husband’s name is Jesus Hernandez Alcocer. Secretary of South Mexican city Mr. Omar Garcia Harfuch said that the old man, Alcocer was accompanied by another woman and the two were aimed to kill the musician Yrma. People who witnessed the shoot said that the grey-haired man who was yrma’s husband was involved in an argument with Yrma and after the argument, Alcocer shot Yrma three times and killed her.

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    Yrma Lydya Edad Esposo Restaurante Incident Explained

    People were not aware who the old man was to the young lady, it turned out that it was her husband. Alcocer also tried to bribe the police inspector who was trying to arrest him, and the security guard was also arrested by the police as he didn’t take action. According to some of the sources Alcocer was involved earlier in some extortion, and Yrma was taking part in music competitions to get recognized as a singer and she took part in different competitions from Mexico and the United States as well. According to the records and the reports in the recent years, the gender violence crimes, gender bias is getting increased in the country and to an extent that every day At least 10 murder cases are been registered,d and too of women who are getting killed because of violence or domestic violence.

    Who Killed Yrma Lydya?

    The news of Yrma getting killed spread all over the country and people are in shock as someone with security and that fame is getting killed. The president of the country Mr. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was questioned about the rising women killings and the killings that are increasing in the Mexican cities day by day. While people are questioning Lopez, on the other side Lopez is trying his bit to control the violence in the country. He believes in no guns but hugs. He has initiated some programs according to the news reports.

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