Cornish Elementary School Teacher Thomas Heayel Banned From School, Offers Services Scandal

    Cornish Elementary School Teacher Thomas Heayel Banned From School, Offers Services Scandal:- We all know that teacher plays a very important role in our life. Sometimes they love us but sometimes they become rude just to give us a lesson. The relationship between a teacher and a student is so pure. But some of the teachers were destroying the reputation of this relationship. Similarly, we are talking about a teacher who was from an elementary school. His name is Thomas Heayel and he was 31 years old. As per the reports, the teacher was banned from teaching. If you want to know the whole story about it, then stay connected to this article.

    Who Is Thomas Heayel? Teacher Banned From School Scandal Explained

    Thomas Heayel was an elementary school teacher who teaches st St Columb Minor which is located near Newquay, Cornwall. He was an ordinary teacher till his secrets were not discovered. Let us tell you why he was banned from teaching. Other than teaching, he also has an online page in which he uploads some weird photos and offers online sexual services. He was a 31-year-old teacher, one of the officials of the school found his page on the internet and then immediately informed the school authorities. The school authorities took action instantly after knowing the fact and banned him from teaching after taking further steps.

    According to the authorities, this activity is so shameful for the Education Regulation industry. This is not the thing that a teacher does, he/she should be a disciplinary person and an inspiration for the students. He began to teach in that school on 1 September 2019 and was fired during the time of February to July 2020.

    As we said, he was fired because he posted his inappropriate photos or images on the internet. Not only this, but his explicit comments are also the reason. He posted these kinds of stuff just to offer his sexual services to the people. This is even so shameful to hear about us that a teacher can do this. What his image was among his student after this incident. He even can’t teach anywhere else. According to some rumors, a police case was filed by the police, but we are not sure about it as it is not confirmed by any reliable source. This news is so trending on the internet nowadays, as many of people are searching it a lot. We hope this information or content was helpful to you, if you want more updates, then stay connected to us here.

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