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    Bokeh is one of the words that is going viral right now. There are so many on google searches about bokeh.

    Their main goal itself is none other than to find out what bokeh means. Because bokeh is now a very common thing to use.

    In the world of film or videography, many people use bokeh, to beautify their videos or photos.

    Actually, to make this video itself, it can be said that it is not easy, caused by the many equipment that must be provided, right.

    But because during the current pandemic it seems very difficult to prepare all these tools. Besides us now it’s hard to go anywhere, the price is quite expensive.

    But you don’t have to worry, because now there are lots of applications that can make bokeh videos on your cellphone. Below, we will discuss what applications are meant.

    Bokeh Film Video

    Bokeh Film Video

    Actually the word bokeh itself comes from Japan which starts from the word boke and has the meaning of blur or blurry.

    So this bokeh is widely used by photo and video editors to give a bokeh or blur effect to their photos or videos.

    The bokeh video is also now a video that is being sought after by internet users. So many editors make their videos for upload to social media.

    Here we will explain several applications for making videos and bokeh photos. There are so many applications that can help editors create bokeh effects on their videos or photos.

    List of Best Bokeh Video Editing Apps

    Bokeh Film Video
    Bokeh Film Video

    Below we will suggest some applications for you that you can use for free, or you are required to pay for them. Okay, here we look at some of the applications as below.

    Adobe Premier Pro App

    Adobe has become a business that has become quite popular in creating applications and editing software. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the applications that has been released and is very well known.

    The expertise of this application to create really cool videos is unquestionable. So it’s no wonder that many professional editors use this application.

    In it, there are lots of features for editing that are very complete and for use it is also not difficult, you can choose them to beautify your videos.

    In this application you can also edit more complicated videos, because in it there are also many supporting features. In it you can also make videos with high quality and resolution up to 4K.

    If other software applications have limited features, in contrast to this Adobe Premiere Pro application, here the features are very complete for you to edit videos from easy to very complicated.

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    But this Adobe Premiere Pro application for beginners is difficult to understand, because you have to really understand the menu to operate the feature, it’s a bit difficult to understand so you have to slowly learn it.

    Sony Vegas Pro

    Soni this time has released the Sony Vegas Pro application. This application is actually recommended to editors who are professional or already reliable.

    Because the features in it are quite complicated. To operate it in need of special techniques.

    But you can choose this application if you are very familiar with video editing or you are an experienced editor.

    The animation features that are available automatically in this application make it very cool and many reliable editors use it.

    So when you need animation, you don’t need to make your own animation, just use Sony Vegas Pro.

    But the problem with this application is that the Sony Vegas Pro application is paid or not free.

    Windows Movie Maker

    This Windows Movie Maker application is in accordance with its name, which is only used for Windows users. If you have a hobby of editing videos, you can just use this application.

    The result of this Windows Movie Maker application is very cool, amazing and full of creativity that is in it.

    And it turns out that in this application to use it is not difficult because the menu in it is also very simple and easy to understand.

    Well, for novice users this application is perfect for you to use. Although it is fairly concise and simple, the features in it are also quite interesting.

    For various needs this application is very suitable for use and the results will definitely satisfy you.

    This application is highly recommended for you Windows OS users.

    Pinnacle Studio Apps

    When editors want to start editing videos, many find it difficult, especially for novice editors. They are confused about which application they should use. Because there are so many choices of video editing applications on the internet.

    But don’t hesitate because the Pinnacle Studio application is the right choice for you to start editing videos. And you can also start learning with this application.

    Although the menu in the Pinnacle Studio application is very simple, you don’t have to worry because the features work very well.

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    For beginners this application can learn many good basic editing features. You don’t have to use complex applications, you can edit videos with good quality.

    By using this application you can edit videos as well as possible and can spill all your creativity.

    You don’t need to worry about the results, although this application is fairly easy to use for beginners but this application has good quality.

    Bokeh Film Video
    Bokeh Film Video

    Cyberlink Power Director

    What we recommend for the next video editing application is Cyberlink Power Director. You can easily use it via a PC.

    Although many features work well, they are easy to understand, even for novice users.

    You also do not have to hesitate to use this application if you are looking for a video application that is light and easy to use.

    AVS Video Editor

    AVS Video Editor can be the next video editing application of your choice. For those who use a laptop or PC whose specifications are not too high, this application can be an option.

    This application has a video cache application feature which is an advantage of the AVS Video Editor application. This video cache application feature can allow you to edit videos with high resolution so that they are pleasant to look at.

    There are still many advantages that deserve to be appreciated, for example the speed in the video editing process, so that you can insert audio, split videos, add text, and many other features.

    If you want to edit and make your videos more active, in this application there are more than 290 transition effects.

    For those of you who want to edit videos without having to burden your memory, this application is an option to use.

    Virtual Dub

    The next video editing application that we recommend is Virtual Dub. This virtual dub application is perfect for those of you who are looking for a free video editing application.

    Because this application is free and very light to use. And for Windows OS users, this application is specially designed for you.

    and the interface or menu in this application is very simple and easy to understand, especially for novice editors.

    So for those of you who are new to video editing, please use only light applications, for example this Virtual Dub application.

    Even though it is an application that has lightweight features, its features are also very functional.

    Inside there is also a feature for recording screens that you can use to make procedures or tutorials on how to edit videos.

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    Corel Video Studio

    Apart from Adobe, it turns out that Corel is also very well known as a vendor that provides video applications for PCs.

    Corel Video Studio is one of the most popular products from Corel. This application can be used by professional editors as well as novice editors who are still learning to edit videos.

    The features in it are very easy for us to understand and the interface is also very simple and simple.

    Although the display in it can be said to be very simple and not difficult to use, the features in it are quite sophisticated.

    To make the sound in your video sound clear and clean, you can use the audio clearer feature.

    And it turns out that this application is not free, friends, so if you want to use it you need to pay for it first.


    Well if you’re looking for a free application to edit your videos, Avidemux can be an option that you can use.

    But even though this application is free, you don’t have to worry about the quality. This application has advanced features and good quality.

    The Avedemux application is very easy to use and practical. The owner of Avedemuk deliberately created an application for editing and making videos that is easy for editors to use.

    Even for beginners, this application is very easy to use, editors can use this application to make good and amazing videos.

    In this application it is also available to insert filters, to create codes, to cut are also available. Professional editors also use this application a lot, even though it is actually recommended for novice editors.


    And the last video editing application we recommend is Lightworks. Lightworks is an interesting video editing application to use.

    Because in it there are features that are easy for you to use. Perfect for those of you who don’t want to be complicated in editing videos.

    Although this application is said to be light and simple, it has a variety of interesting features for editing.

    Without buying the application you can use it for free. You don’t have to be confused if you want to choose a video editing application.

    Well, friends above, we have discussed many video editing applications. If you want to edit a video, you can choose one of them.

    You are free to choose free or paid, hopefully our discussion above can be useful for all of you.

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