Bethenny Frankel Voices Her Opinions About Will Smith & Chris Rock


    Bethenny Frankel attends the 71st Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

    Everyone has shared their opinion online about the now-infamous slap at the Oscars and Bethenny Frankel is the latest Bravo star to give her thoughts on the Chris Rock and Will Smith situation.

    The day after the Academy Awards, Frankel posted a clip on Instagram of her podcast, “Just B With Bethenny Frankel,” and wrote on top of the video, “More on the Chris Rock slap….”

    She dove into both sides of the situation in her video and also wrote in her caption, “Had @willsmith expressed that @chrisrock comment was hurtful & damaging, the impact would have been so much more powerful than using violence as an instant gratification tool. Actions do have consequences.”

    She pointed out that Rock’s joke was “in poor taste” but added that he might not have known the full context. She wrote, “As I tell my daughter, you can be right & quickly make yourself wrong with the wrong actions. This is an interesting topic if used as a cautionary tale.”

    Bethenny concluded her caption by opining that the Academy should have stepped in right away: “Right is right & wrong is wrong no matter how many gold statues & viewers hang in the balance,” she wrote. She elaborated further on her points in her video, which is available below.

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    Frankel Said She Wasn’t Sure If the Joke Was Prepared But Asked Whether Comedians Should Be Able to Joke About Any Subject

    Frankel began her video by saying she wasn’t sure if Rock’s joke about Jada Pinkett Smith was a “prepared joke” or not but she’d love to know, “because there’s usually writers and a prepared script that’s on prompters ahead of time.”

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    She said if it was an improvised joke, it was likely that Rock didn’t know that Pinkett Smith has alopecia, a hair loss condition, and the joke wouldn’t have been “vetted.” That being said, Frankel stated that there is “no reason to put your hands on anybody and Will Smith should have been escorted out immediately after and gotten his award by carrier pigeon.”

    Frankel then explored the other side of the coin and questioned whether comedians should be able to make jokes about any topic:

    It’s interesting that comedians can get away with crazy things. Like a comedian, if it’s funny, can just say something nasty about someone with a skin condition or a hair condition and a non-comedian could not get up on stage and do the same.

    She concluded by asking if comedians should be able to get a “certificate” that allows them to be derogatory when anyone else would be canceled for saying the same things. Frankel has since said on Twitter that she’s not sure Smith should get to keep his Oscar for Best Actor.

    Frankel’s Fans Were Very Divided Over Her Comments, With Some Agreeing While Others Criticized the Former RHONY Star

    Several people commented that comedians should be able to make jokes and shouldn’t get canceled. “It’s a joke .. comedians make jokes.. and being compared to GI Jane isn’t insulting,” one comment read. “So now comedians are going to be canceled?” one person asked.

    “Where have you been living under a rock?” someone slammed Frankel. “Comedians have been doing this for decades, they poke fun at people all the time! Even serious topics they make fun of, why should this be any different?” Another agreed, “Yes comedians do get a pass for being snarky… they push buttons and boundaries…it’s in the job description.”

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    Another comment read, “All comedians make fun of people…SNL has been on the air since the 70’s. They make fun of our presidents, vp’s, celebrities, etc. The Academy hired comedians to poke fun at the audience and their movies…it is always done.”

    Many people agreed with Frankel’s take that Smith shouldn’t have resorted to violence, with one person writing, “Nothing makes putting hands on someone ok. That’s where the conversation should stop. Terrible example.” Several people said he should have been escorted out. One person wrote, “Yes he so should’ve been escorted!”

    Another person wrote, “Will Smith should’ve been escorted out immediately. Not OK!!!” One reply stated, “[There] is no excuse for violence no matter by who the perpetrator is.”

    Some people disagreed with Frankel’s take or simply criticized her for having done a video about it. “It’s always ok to defend your family,” someone said. Another person slammed Frankel, “So many self righteous people with something to say. Will is human and we all make mistakes. He has the grace to apologise and Chris has declined to press charges. End of story. Stop using Will Smith as a teachable moment for the entire world.”

    “This incident is super complicated,” someone shared. “As a white woman, I recommend you take a back seat to this conversation…particularly if you are promoting your podcast on the backs of black people.”

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