‘Australian Survivor: Blood V Water’ Elimination Spoilers: Who Are the Final 7 Castaways?

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    The final 8 castaways of “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water,” before an immunity challenge in episode 20.

    “Survivor” fans across the globe have been taking notice of the newest season of “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water,” in part because of the inclusion of American “Survivor” legend Sandra Diaz-Twine and her daughter, Nina Twine.

    However, much to the chagrin of many fans, Sandra was voted out in episode 7, and Nina was medically evacuated three episodes later, after suffering an avulsion fracture. Now, with seven days, five Tribal Councils, and four episodes to go, there are seven contestants remaining (all Australian). Who are they, and what is the latest update on the season?

    Read on to find out what happened in last night’s episode of “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water,” and catch up on everything you need to know before the finale on Monday, April 11.

    Warning: there are major spoilers for “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water” ahead.

    Jordan’s Elimination Sparked a Desire for Revenge

    Episode 20 of “Blood V Water,” which aired Monday, began with the aftermath of the blindside of Jordan Schmidt, cousin of Josh Millgate. After Jordan’s elimination, it became clear there were two alliances of four, as follows:

    • Jordie Hansen
    • KJ Austin
    • Shay Lajoie
    • David Goodchild


    • Mark Wales (Sam’s husband)
    • Sam Gash (Mark’s wife)
    • Josh Millgate (Jordan’s cousin)
    • Chrissy Zaremba

    “Australian Survivor” is known for its twists, so the background behind this split may get a bit complicated, but bear with it: episode 18 saw three people re-enter the game after being eliminated. Those three – who call themselves the “purgatory three” – were Jordie, KJ, and Shay. Naturally, those three immediately formed a tight alliance after re-entering the game, and managed to sway David onto their side as well. Although the other four – plus Jordan – held the majority, KJ played an advantage at Tribal Council in episode 19 which allowed her to send three castaways back to camp for the night. Those three would be safe, but would also be unable to cast a vote.

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    KJ chose Mark, Josh, and Chrissy to go back to camp, giving her alliance the majority, 4-2. Although Sam voted with Jordan against Jordie, she bluffed to the majority alliance about playing an idol, effectively throwing her ally Jordan under the bus.

    Episode 20 Began With a 4-4 Split

    Australian Survivor Blood V Water episode 20 Tribal Council

    Network 10The final 8 castaways of “Australian Survivor” at Tribal Council. The “purgatory three,” plus David, sit on the right, while the opposing four sit on the left.

    Naturally, as the five remaining castaways return to camp, Josh is enraged that his cousin was blindsided, and vows revenge against the four who voted him out. Meanwhile, Mark and Sam, who had met on a previous season of “Australian Survivor” and subsequently got married, are the last remaining couple, and are widely viewed as powerful within the game, most notably by Jordie, who has his sights set on Sam.

    Sam, for her part, is worried that Josh will find out about her sneaky move at last night’s Tribal, which effectively sent his cousin home. In addition, Chrissy, concerned with the amount of power Sam and Mark have, is considering blindsiding Sam in order to flush her idol, and discusses this possibility with Josh. As she says in a confessional:

    The power tonight is unquestionably with Markie and Sam. They literally have each other, the idol, and I’m still protecting them. Oh my God, wake up and smell the roses, Chrissy! I don’t know if there’s many opportunities left to split them up!

    An Unlikely Pair Emerges as a Potential Force

    Josh Millgate and Jordie Hansen

    Network 10Josh Millgate and Jordie Hansen strategize in episode 20 of “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.”

    Mark wins immunity. Back at camp, Jordie lobbies Josh to blindside Sam, which is a rather risky move considering how angry Josh is about Jordan’s blindside. Jordie argues that she and Mark are too powerful, and that the two of them could take control of the game with such a move.

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    In addition, Jordie is secretly looking for revenge. Back in episode 15, Sam caught Jesse, Jordie’s younger brother, finding an idol. She convinced him to let her hold onto it so that no one would see him walk back to camp with it, but then kept it for herself, essentially stealing it. She then took part in Jesse’s blindside, despite being close allies with him. This is one of the idols in Sam’s possession right now. “Knowing that the difference between me or Sammy going home tonight is my brother’s idol, it’s huge,” Jordie says in a confessional. “You know, there is a level of poetry to that.” 

    Meanwhile, David is also lobbying Josh to get rid of Sam, revealing the details of her stellar acting performance the previous night. “Sometimes, you just gotta make a move, mate,” David says. Josh becomes convinced of her duplicity. “Jordan was 100% collateral for Sam and Mark’s idol last night,” he says. “So yeah, there will be consequences. I’m gonna be a lot more ruthless, and I want revenge.” 

    Meanwhile, Sam and Mark, not knowing about the conversations taking place behind their backs, think they can flip David to their side, avoiding a tie. Mark expresses his confidence about the upcoming Tribal in a confessional:

    What I’m hoping to gain from tonight’s Tribal is a majority. We take out one of theirs, there’s four of us, there’s three of them, and they come begging to us tonight, like they always do, when they’re on the back foot. They won’t be so cocky, they’ll be coming to us, cap in hand, asking for their lives, for another day in the game. That’s what’s gonna happen.

    Tribal Council Leaves Us With No More Couples

    At Tribal Council, Mark once again reiterates his certainty in how the vote will pan out, amidst a great deal of whispering between almost all of the contestants, but most notably Josh, Chrissy, and Jordie. It seems as though both Chrissy and Josh are intent on secretly targeting Sam, though they try to keep it under wraps. “It’s fairly predictable how things are gonna unfold in this one,” Mark says amidst all the strategizing.

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    After the votes are cast, host Jonathan LaPaglia asks if anybody wants to play an idol. Interestingly, Josh emphatically pleads with Mark to play the idol for Sam, but Mark is hesitant to do so. When Josh insists, Sam asks why, but they eventually run out of time and Jonathan begins to read the votes, much to Jordie’s glee. 

    The votes are read, and it turns out someone flipped. Sam is blindsided in a 5-3 vote. In the jury box, Jesse is ecstatic. It turns out that that person was Josh, raising the question of why he voted against her at all. Episode 21 will certainly see some interesting scenes between the contestants unfold.

    “Ah, ya scallywags!” Sam says as she’s leaving. She thanks them for a great game as her torch is snuffed. 

    Jesse Hansen

    Network 10Jesse Hansen reacts to Sam’s blindside in episode 20.

    After the final 7 leave, Jonathan asks the jury what they thought of that. Jesse, still reeling from the blindside himself, yells out, “That was flipping epic!” 

    The next episode of “Australian Survivor: Blood V Water” airs Sunday on Network 10 for Australian viewers. The finale will air Monday, April 11. 

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