Alice and Fern TikTok Video & Husband Abuse Allegations What Happened Between Them?

    The mother and son have been gained the colossal attention of the audience after a clip started getting viral on the social media platform Reddit. The video is featuring a mother and son named Alice and Fern. They have become Internet sensations and become vital and viral topics among netizens nowadays. If we talk more about the people featured in the video one of them is Alice is a well-known online personality who lately shared some of her photos along with her son on social media. Get more information on Alice and Fern’s Tik Tok Video they accused her husband of abusing allegation.

    According to the latest reports, Alice regular posts her daily updates on her social media account which is enhancing her followers. Most of her videos feature her son and make the netizens curious to know more about her son. The curiosity of the people has been enhanced after her recent video showing her baby. Well, the young mother is becoming an Internet sensation lately. Alice named her baby Fern and both of them are grabbing the attentiveness of Internet users.

    Along with Reddit, Alice also fetched an enormous number of followers on Tik Tok as well. In addition to this, already pretty popular Alice’s fame gets fourfolded when she gave birth to her baby Fern. She even included her baby in her Tik Tok and Reddit videos. Her videos have recently become a matter of discussion among netizens. Recently, she along with her son obtained the spotlight as a result of Reddit reactions. As per some of the reports, some of her followers are claiming that she is lying about her past, however, some of the followers are favoring her.

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    Some days earlier, a discussion has been started regarding Alice and Fern. The discussion has been joined by many people who asked numerous questions about the child and the mother and also express their points of view on the entire matter. In her latest video, the Tik Tok star claimed that her former husband is all on his way to get the baby.

    Beforehand, she alleged to her husband that he was abusive to her. She further says that things have been changed since Fern came into this world. Well, there is a list of things that are being under review. We will get back to you with all the information once it gets confirmed by any of the trustworthy sources till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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