5 Good and Durable Low Watt Electric Stabilizer Brands

    Stabilizer is a tool whose function is to stabilize the power voltage. With the stabilizer, the electrical voltage for electronic equipment becomes much more stable and less wasteful. So don’t be surprised if there are currently many brands of low watt electric stabilizers that are sold both online and offline.

    Of course, each stabilizer brand offers its own specifications and advantages. Especially in saving the electrical power consumed. It is undeniable that the instability of electric power is a major factor in the increase in the cost of electricity bills every month.

    Tips for Choosing a Quality Low Watt Electric Stabilizer Brand

    Currently, there are a lot of electrical stabilizers that are sold at various prices, ranging from standard prices to very expensive prices. As a consumer you must be able to choose the type of stabilizer that will be used so that later you will not be disappointed and get a quality and durable product.

    The stabilizers that are easy to find are the Relay and Servo Motor systems, although there are still some stabilizers with other operating systems. When viewed at a glance from the physical form on the body stabilizer will look good. But what you want to use is the new performance system you pay attention to its appearance.

    So that you don’t make the wrong choice, here are some tips on choosing a quality stabilizer that can be used for the long term.

    1. Rentang Input Voltage

    The first thing that must be considered is the ability of the stabilizer to stabilize the electric voltage that occurs up and down within a certain time limit.

    A quality stabilizer is able to stabilize the mains voltage when there is a sudden drop or spike and restore the voltage within the normal range of 220 volts. So briefly that the input voltage range is between the lower and upper limits which are stabilized by the stabilizer machine.

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    2. Level of Accuracy Against Output Voltage


    The ability of an electrical stabilizer to stabilize the mains voltage and produce an output voltage. The results of stabilization are not always stable at 220 volts but there is always a tolerance amount, both below and above.

    3. Have a Fast Reson

    Has-fast-resonantA quality stabilizer is able to respond to changes in electrical voltage that occurs and returns to normal conditions in approximately one second.

    4. Auto Return

    Auto-returnThis system usually occurs when electricity flows back after a power outage from PLN. The stabilizer will turn on again with a light voltage so it doesn’t cause the mains voltage to drop.

    5. Product Warranty

    warrantyHave a product warranty of at least 1 year for service and replacement of spare parts.

    5 Best and Quality Low Watt Stabilizer Brand Recommendations

    For those of you who are planning to buy a stabilizer machine. We recommend reading a review of 5 stabilizer brands that are equipped with the following advantages and disadvantages:

    1. Matsunaga SVC-1000N


    The stabilizer brand Matsunaga SVC-1000N is designed very elegantly with the dominant color red combined with white. This stabilizer product has an indicator, if there is a sudden change in voltage, the servo meter will move automatically.

    Another advantage is that it is able to stabilize electric power for up to 10 years. It is very suitable for computers because it has a soft start feature which is equipped with 3 plugs of which the size is 110 volts and two plugs for 220 volts and there are two spare fuses.

    The Matsunaga stabilizer is equipped with a circuit breaker which functions to prevent an electric short circuit. It weighs only 5 kg, making it easy for you to move it to where you want it.

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    • Has a more durable and long-lasting quality.
    • Does not cause noise.
    • Lightweight and easy to move.
    • Prevents a short circuit.


    • Not yet equipped with a cooling system feature.

    2. Sako SVC 10000VA

    Sako-SVC-10000VASako brand stabilizers are able to stabilize various types of electronic equipment such as refrigerators, televisions, computers and other electronic equipment. The dominant color is red with a combination of white. This stabilizer weighs 6.5 kg with a power of 1000 watts.

    Besides being comfortable to use, it also has an output voltage of up to 220 volts and an input of 140 volts to 220 volts. The warranty is offered for 1 year for both service and spare parts.


    • Durable
    • Can be used for various types of household electronic equipment.
    • Official 1-year warranty
    • There are two 220 volt outputs.


    • The stabilizer engine is heavier and more difficult to move.

    3. Minamoto SM 1000

    Minamoto-SM-1000The Minamoto SM 1000 electric stabilizer has a frequency of up to 50Hz/60Hz. The dominant color is white with a combination of blue. The official warranty for service and replacement of spare parts for the Minamoto SM 1000 stabilizer is 1 year.

    In addition, it is also equipped with quality motor transformer windings, so that it can be used to protect electronic devices from damage caused by unstable electrical voltages.


    • The efficiency rate reaches more than 90%.
    • The response time when there is a voltage change is very fast, approximately 0.5 seconds.
    • The level of stability is quite high.
    • Official warranty for 1 year.


    • Stabilizer prices are still relatively expensive.

    4. Prolink PVR1000D


    Stabilizer Prolink PVR1000D has a frequency of approximately 50 Hz to 60 Hz with autosensing. The dominant color is gray which is equipped with a quick start mode. Designed with the AVR Indicator feature which is quite sophisticated with delay time and also fault indication. Where this feature has a function to stabilize the electric power voltage properly.

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    The stabilizer product is equipped with an LED display with an output voltage regulation of only 10%. It weighs only 5 kg, making it easier to move from one place to another.


    • Has an LED indicator for display.
    • Can be used to operate for up to 10 years.
    • Has normal mode efficiency up to 95%.
    • Full protection against electrical equipment so it is not easily damaged.


    • The stabilizer price offered is still quite high.

    4. Emmerich 5KVA/ IDVM 5-5 ST


    Emmerich stabilizer has a very fast response in stabilizing the mains voltage. Emmerich stabilizer products have more modern designs and specifications with under over voltage, auto return and output delay features displayed in the LED indicator.

    In addition, it is also equipped with a digital volt meter that can display the output voltage in real time.

    The dominant color is white and has a warranty of up to 5 years for service and spare parts.


    • The design is more modern and elegant.
    • Designed with servo motor technology.
    • Designed with special protection features for under over voltage.
    • Equipped with a digital voltmeter.


    • The stabilizer price offered is still quite high.


    Although there are many brands of low watt electrical stabilizers on the market. Each product certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. But don’t worry, usually the stabilizer price adjusts to the specifications and features offered.

    Some tips on how to choose a quality stabilizer and the 5 best stabilizer brand recommendations above, hopefully they can be used as a reference for you to be more confident when deciding to buy a stabilizer.

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