12 Vacation Spots in Semarang City that You Must Visit

    These 12 Vacation Places Must Be Visited When In Semarang City – Central Java does have a lot of potential for tourism, one of which is the city of Semarang. The city which is known for its signature snacks, namely spring rolls, does have several interesting tourist attractions. This makes Semarang suitable as a tourist destination during the holidays.

    The number of tourist objects in the city of Semarang has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. The city of Semarang, which is also dubbed the city of Jamu, has a variety of attractions for its tourist attractions. Well, there are several tourist attractions that you can visit.

    The following 12 must-visit vacation spots while in Semarang City, including:

    1. Lawang Sewu

    Object the first tour that you must visit while in Semarang is Lawang Sewu. If you are in the city of Semarang, then you should visit this one tourist attraction, namely Lawan Sewu which is located right in the heart of the city of Semarang. It is said that this place was once a magnificent building with an Art Deco design, and was used as a government building as well as a railway office center. In addition to the uniqueness of the building with collinial architecture, this place also has hundreds of doors which makes this place called Lawang Sewu. This building also has a dungeon that is phenomenal and famous for being very haunted.

    1. Klenteng Sam Po Kong

    This tourist attraction is one of the attractions that is very often visited by tourists. This pagoda is one of the pagodas in Semarang which is used as a tourist attraction because it has a distinctive architectural beauty. To be able to enter this tourist attraction, you don’t even need to spend a deep pocket, you only need to spend Rp. 3000 – 5000 can already enter the area of ​​the Sam Po Kong Temple and enjoy the splendor of the Sam Po Kong Temple.

    1. Mangkang Zoo

    This zoo is located on the border of Semarang city with Kendal. It is strategically located because it is on the edge of the north coast road, of course it is very easy to access from anywhere. This zoo has around 150 collections of animals that can be seen by every visitor. Of course, it is very exciting if you are on vacation with family or friends to visit this zoo.

    1. Tinjomoyo Forest Tourism

    The next tourist attraction in Semarang is the Tonjomoyo Forest. This tourist attraction is a forest area that presents beautiful and beautiful views. There we can enjoy the natural scenery of the village, this can make the mind fresher and relieve for a moment the burden of the mind. Indeed, this tourist spot was once a tourist attraction frequented by many tourists, but over time, this place has now become the lungs of the city and water catchment area.

    1. CityYour

    This place is one of the places that you must visit while in Semarang City, because this place has historical value and is very iconic. Called the Old City, because this place still gives a natural feel of the old days. For those of you who really like the world of photography, this one place can be a mandatory reference to visit.

    1. The Beauty of Sunset and Sunrise Beach Marina

    This tourist spot can give a calming feel, because while at Marina Beach you can enjoy the breeze and the sound of the waves, plus the beautiful sea view. Access to this place is also very easy because it is close to the Central Java Promotion and Development Fair.

    1. Great Mosque of Central Java

    The next Semarang tourist attraction is the Great Mosque of Central Java. This mosque is located on Jalan Gajah Raya Semarang and is one of the magnificent Muslim religious tours. This mosque has a phenomenal tower where we can see the whole city from above, also equipped with an Islamic museum inside.

    1. Maron Beach

    This offshore tour is about 10 minutes from A Yani Airport. This beach is beautiful and very suitable for a vacation with family or friends.

    1. Catfish Park

    This natural tourism village as well as a family amusement park in the city of Semarang is indeed well known to many tourists. Has an area of ​​2 hectares and a variety of water and land family games. There is also a mini zoo and a lodge. This makes the catfish park, often visited by many tourists during the holiday season.

    1. Pagoda

    For the next tour there is a Pagoda or Watugong Buddhagaya Vihara. This building is a 45 meter high monastery which is included in the MURI record as the tallest pagoda in Indonesia. Located on Jl. Pioneer of Watugong Independence, this tourist attraction is 45 minutes from the center of Semarang City. This monastery is usually used as a center of worship for Buddhists in the world.

    1. Wonderia Park

    This recreational park is located on Jalan Sriwijaya Semarang, Semarang City. This tourist attraction is one of the favorite locations, especially on weekends and holidays. Many facilities and playgrounds for children and families such as Merry Go Round, Kiddy Boat, Typhoon Coaster, Super Rally, Boom Boom Car, as well as Space Gyro. Entrance ticket price Rp. 5 thousand and parking Rp. 2 thousand.

    1. Umbul Sidomukti

    The swimming pool from this mountain water source is located in Jimbaran Bandungan, Semarang Regency. Umbul Sidomukti is equipped with flying fox longest, viewing post, horseback riding, natural coffee shop and lodging. The price of admission to Umbul Sidomukti is around Rp. 10 thousand.

    Now that’s a tourist attraction in Semarang City that you must visit, hopefully it’s a reference 12 must-visit tourist attractions when you are in Semarang City can be a guide for those of you who are or will be traveling in the city of Semarang later.

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